Editorial by Josette Combes, Ripess Europe

At a time when calls for new ways of doing business are growing, the SSE can provide a basis for a model of enterprise that fosters inclusiveness, sustainability and resilience.

It is not one of our owns which expresses this satisfaction but the International Labour Organisation which, on the basis of a report devoted to the subject, proposes that SSE be included in the debate of the 110th ILO Conference to be held in June 2022. We invite you to explore the report which reports on the progress of SSE throughout the world and cites RIPESS Europe as one of the organisations actively participating in it (page 29, chapter 59).

Madani Coumare, President of RAESS (African SSE Network) also welcomes this initiative, which is a source of hope for SSE in Africa, which has been hard hit by the pandemic. It reports on the work undertaken on advocacy for the promotion of SSE as a strategy to achieve Sustainable Development (SDGs) supported by the ACCD/RIPESS INTERCONTINENTAL project.

Every time we start writing the next newsletter, we are worried, fearing that it will not be sufficiently fed. At the end we are pleasantly surprised at the number of news that reaches us during the month.

Thus Essplicite whose video interview we publish recorded at the Villarceaux GA informs us of an  “abundance of events ” including an interview for a media such as “Economic Alternatives (AE)”. Are the “main stream” media finally interested in the solidarity economy? Although AE is part of the SSE.

News of projects also “abundant:
the Mediterranean Caravan of Agroecology (food), Coopter (culture), the Inter university Network (training / trecherche), you’conomy (finance / youth).

We suggest you visit ” L’Espace “a brand new beautiful place, which houses the premises of APRES GE where the Coordinating Committee of RIPESS Europe was held from 10 to 12 March in Geneva (and many other activities that we invite you to discover). Thank you to the team for a very nice welcome. We were able to mix intensive work and festive evenings, an invigorating cocktail!

The agenda is also very busy between April and June. Save the date. For example, a number of us will be in Strasbourg (France): “The social economy, the future of Europe” 5, 6 May 2022. (link to the RIPESS Eu programme)

In these somewhat (very) troubled times, it is comforting to note that the solidarity economy does not give up, and on the contrary redoubles its pugnacity.

We are the future, it is not we who proclaim it, it is the ILO. And even Europe! Lets’ move forward!