RIPESS Europe helds regularly General Assemblies. They take place in diverse contexts, reflecting the diversity of origins of its network of members. The Foundation Congress took Place Barcelona, on 6-7 September 2011. Here the European Platform of RIPESS was officially recognized and set up. A second major Assembly was held in Lille in 2013. It was an occasion to advance further in the internal organization of the network by setting up working groups on diverse thematic areas. An intermediate Assembly took place in Villarceaux (Paris) on 7-8 June 2014. Some strategic points were discussed, such as the future extention of the network, the functioning of the main working groups as well as changes in the organization and management of the network.

2023,  12th General Assembly – Villarceaux (Paris)

The 12th Congress and General Assembly (GA) of RIPESS Europewas held from the 19th to 21th September 2023 at La Bergerie de Villarceaux (Paris, France). It was an opportunity to meet again and celebrate the 12th Anniversary of the network in a convivial atmosphere and to continue planning together following the Strategic orientations approved in September 2022. The meeting focused on the development of the European network 12 years from its foundation. New members attended from different European countries and also guests from other networks and organisations.




2022, 11th General Assembly, Wroclaw, Polland


2021, 10th General Assembly – Villarceaux, France


2020,  9th General Assembly – Virtual



2019,  8th General Assembly – Lyon, France



2018,  7th General Assembly – Zagreb, Croatia



2017,  6th General Assembly – Athens, Greece


2016,  5th General Assembly – Villarceaux, France


2015,  4th General Assembly – Berlin, Germany


2014, 3rd General Assembly – Villarceaux (Paris)


2013, 2nd General Assembly – Lille, France


2011, 1st General Assembly – Barcelona, Spain