The TerrESS Chair Bordeaux, France is pleased to host the 21st Rencontres du Réseau Interuniversitaire de l’ESS, a national event that will take place on 1, 2 and 3 June 2022 on the theme “SSE, actor of transitions?”

The program is constituted on the basis of a call for papers open to researchers, SSE actors and local authorities.

It will allow a cross-exchange between SSE actors and researchers:

  • On the question of the systemic change induced by the health crisis we have gone through and the transitions it implies in fields as varied as ecology, work, solidarity, democracy, education, food, consumption or digital technology.
  • On the contribution of the SSE to the current transitions at all scales, from the local to the global, and the mutations it itself is going through in this period.

4 axes from the call for papers will be explored on this occasion:

Axis I: Strategies for change and the place of SSE

Axis II: The role of SSE in a world in transition

Axis III: SSE in transitions, political issues and orientations

Axis IV: Action research, research aimed at social transformation

You can already consult the provisional programme (in French) here

The meetings are open to all, registrations are open. Find practical information in French here 👉