Between 7 and 10 April, RIPESS Europe was present in Prague to develop one of the first parts of the Hati-Sos project on Soft Skills. During these days, the organizations involved (FUNDACJA EKOROZWOJU, Ekumenicka Akademie, Utopia and Profilantrop), developed 7 modules: Nonviolent communication, dealing with conflict, active listening and evaluation, facilitation and moderation of assemblies, sustainable activism, (self-)care, joint decision-making and distribution of leadership. It was a very rich meeting in which organizations shared their knowledge and gave examples of how extensive training on these topics could be carried out.

All this has served to identify things that we did not know and that still need to be learned, but above all, it has been a preparatory activity for what we still have to do. The trainings that were carried out focused especially on concrete examples and practical and functional knowledge to be able to apply them later at the local level and the content was developed according to the experience of each of the organizations involved.

In addition, all this was linked to the Social and Solidarity Economy and the importance of applying all these concepts to our workspaces, since precisely the construction of care environments, horizontal decision-making, distribution of leadership etc., is something that is closely linked to SSE and its projects, because they put at the center the idea of strengthening our communities, the development of good communication skills and the creation of participatory and democratic structures.

To follow the next phases of this project, stay tuned to our website!