Programme of 5 and 6 May of the Social Economy, the Future of Europe at the Palais de la Musique et des Congrès in Strasbourg (France)


Wednesday, May 4

RTES celebrates its 20th anniversary!

THE RTES celebrates 20 years of actions for and with the territories to concretize and have recognized the SSE as an economic model for the future, creator of economic, social, human and sustainable wealth. Learn more.

Thursday, May 5

Produce statistics and research on the social economy in order to strengthen the visibility and understanding of the social economy

9h15-10h45 – Rome Room

How are social economy statistics produced? By who? What are
the purposes of this study and research work? Learn more.

  • CASES (Portuguese Social Economy Satellite Accounts)
  • CIRIEC International
  • EMES
  • Inter-university network in SSE (RIUESS)* (Vincent Lhuillier)
  • ESS France / ADDES
  • Concert’ES
  • EUCLID Network
  • Team Leader and Policy officer on Social Economy, European Commission, DG
    Grow (Patrick Klein)

Participate in change: Expose and develop your ideas and make your voice heard!

(Youth theme)

13h30-15h30 – Salle Bruxelles

Do you aspire to social transformations? Participate in a workshop to discover the different forms of engagement and become an actor of the change you expect. Learn more.

  • YOUTHFORUM: Elena Turci and Viola Bianchetti
  • RIPESS EU: Martin Georges and Andrea Rodriguez

Citizens’ and Solidarity Europe, proposals for new citizenship practices and economic democracy

(Cooperation – innovation theme)

15h30-17h30, Place des Coopérations (Bistro area)
The choice of popular education and transformative economies; Towards a democracy of youth, feminism and solidarity; Choose cooperation and solidarity economy as a culture. Learn more.

  • RIPESS EU-RIES* (Italy): Jason NARDI, President of RIES
  • RIPESS Europe: Josette COMBES
  • ESSPLICITE*: Martin GEORGES, President – Auditor
  • MES France* – UFISC Culture : Patricia COLER
  • RTES*: Patricia ANDRIOT, VP of RTES and elected local in Haute-Marne (community of communes Auberive Vingeanne Montseaugeonnais)
  • Fundacja Ekorozwoju, Fairtrade Poland*: Monika Onyszkiewicz
  • URGENCI*: Isabel Alvarez
  • ISCT UIL/REDPES: Ana Margarida Esteves

Building exchanges between European partners: (re)discovering the possibilities of the ERASMUS+ programme 2021-2027!

(Finance theme)

15h30-17h – European funds area
Decryption and testimonies of the funds open to SSE actors and their audiences. Everything you need to know to promote good practices or the engagement of young people and adults.

  • Erasmus+ Agency France / Education and Training: Israel MENDEZ-GONZALEZ
  • AMSED (Association Migration, Solidarity and Exchanges for Development): Djilali KABÈCHE
  • Movement for the Solidarity Economy*: Bruno Lasnier
  • Grand-Est Region, Directorate of Cross-border, International and European Outreach: Magali TORLOTING-RAMILLIEN

For a solidarity-based and circular economy in Europe

(Transitions theme)

15h30-17h – Salle Luxembourg
How can European action plans and public actors continue to support SSE actors, pioneers in the emerging circular economy market?

  • Emmaus Europe: Carina AALTONEN, President (moderator)
  • Paris City Hall: Florentin LETISSIER, deputy in charge of the SSE of the circular economy and the contribution to the zero-waste strategy
  • Network of Local Authorities for a Solidarity Economy (RTES*): Florentin LETISSIER, Vice-President
  • Emmaus France: Valérie FAYARD, Deputy Director
  • Reuse and Recycling European Union Social Enterprises (RREUSE): Michal LEN, Director
  • Les Canaux: Elisa YAVHCITZ, Director
  • ENVIE: speaker being confirmed

Financial and social innovation within the SSE, focus on local currencies 

(Cooperation – innovation theme)

16h-17h, Place des Coopérations (Guinguette space)
With more than 80 complementary local currencies on its territory and the largest local currency in Europe in the Basque Country, France is an example. Learn more.

  • STUCK, local currency of Bas-Rhin : Antoine Levy
  • Mouvement sol* : Charles Lesage

Territorial partnerships for the social economy: examples of good practice

18h-19h30., Brussels Room

In our workshop, we want to share examples of good practice around building support structures for social enterprises working with relevant institutions and local authorities.

  • Social Economy Berlin (SEB): Diana Wittmann (SEND) and Heike Birkhölzer (TechNet*)
  • Euclid as Toby Gazeley
  • Nicole Miquel-Belaud, Toulouse Métropole

Friday, May 6

How to strengthen the commitment and cooperation of farm-to-fork and hook-to-fork actors for the co-creation of alternative and agro-ecological food systems in the EU

(Transitions theme)

9h15-10h45 – Village of Transitions (Plitviče space)

Build sustainable and climate-friendly local food systems that support human rights, agroecology and sustainable development for all actors: producers, eaters and policy makers. Learn more.

  • Urgenci International Network*: Isabel AVAREZ VISPO
  • Foundation for Sustainable Development*, Poland (Ecorozwoju Foundation): Monika ONYSZKIEWICZ
  • Euroccop: Giulia TARSITANO
  • European Coordination Via Campesina and previously European Economic and Social Committee: Geneviève SAVIGNY
  • Open Food Network and Solid Network Ireland*: Filipa FERAZ
  • University of Basel: Lena BLOEMETRZ
  • University of Strasbourg: Sophie MICHEL
  • University of Antwerp: Giovanni ESPOSITO
  • Network of Territorial Communities for the Solidarity Economy*: Patricia ANDRIOT, VP of RTES and elected local in Haute-Marne (community of communes Auberive Vingeanne Montseaugeonnais)

Exploiting/exploring the diversity of European funding to develop transnational SSE projects

(Financing theme)

11h-12h30 – European Funds Area

ALDA and RIPESS EUROPE offer you good practices to mobilize European funds between SSE actors. Come and participate in an interactive workshop to develop your projects!

  • ALDA: Anna DITTA, Senior Project Development Office
  • RIPESS EU: Jason NARDI – Josette COMBES – Martin GEORGES

EuroREGEN – Capacity-building in the social solidarity economy for political advocacy through Participatory Action Research 

11h-12h30, Cooperation square 

It will consist of a focus group in which we will share knowledge we already developed in the framework of EuroREGEN, as well as co-create new knowledge in a participatory way with all the participants. 
  • ISCTE- University Institute of Lisbon : Ana MARGARIDA ESTEVES & Felipe QUINTÃO

What local and regional social economy policies to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow? Cross-views of researchers and local elected officials

(Thematic Territories & PP)

11h-13h – Room London 1

This interactive and forward-looking debate will bring together leaders of European authorities and academics around the challenges of tomorrow’s SSE policies.

  • City of Barcelona : Alvaro PORRO, Commissioner for the Social Economy
  • Nantes Métropole and RTES* : Mahel COPPEY, Vice-president in charge of the Social and Solidarity Economy and the Circular Economy
  • Region of Navarra: Mikel IRUJO, Minister of Economy and Business Development
    Wielkopolska Regional Council: Paulina STOCHNIALEK
  • Jean-Louis Laville, Professor at the Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers in Paris (Cnam), Chair of “Solidarity Economy
  • Timothée DUVERGER, advisor to the cabinet of the mayor of Bordeaux and associate lecturer at Sciences Po Bordeaux

The social economy and its potential for rural development in Europe

(Thematic Territories & PP)

11h-12h30, Territories and Public Policies area

What conditions should be met at European, national and local levels to promote the sustainable development of rural areas in partnership with SSE actors?

  • Avise : Bérengère Daviaud
  • Avise : Floriane Vernay
  • DIESIS : Anastasia Costantini
  • PETR Pays de Langres: Nadège Savard, mission manager
  • Jérôme Saddier, President of ESS France and Avise and Vice-President of Social Economy Europe
  • RTES*
  • Coopérative Sociale Cadore: Antonio Ferigo
  • Center for Not For Profit Law: Claudia Petrescu

Cross-border cooperation and SSE

(Thematic Territories & PP)

11h-13h – Rome
Room The aim of this round table is to raise awareness of the ongoing cross-border SSE projects linking the France with its neighbours in Luxembourg, Germany and Switzerland.

  • RTES*/Auberive Vingeanne Montsaugeonnais : Patricia ANDRIOT, Vice-President of RTES, President of the Europe and International Commission, Community Councillor of Auberive Vingeanne Montsaugeonnais
  • AROMA: Sophie LEWANDOWSKI, Project Manager
  • AROMA: Jacques MANSUI, Project Manager
  • SOLIVERS: Pierre HOERTER, President
  • Lebenshilfe Offenburg: Achim FEYHL, Director
  • PAMINA: Patrice HARSTER, Director
  • ETB: Dr. Frédéric DUVINAGE, Director

*Members of Ripess Europe