Article by Jason Nardi, Ripess Europe

It’s been now quite a few years that the ECOLISE network and RIPESS Europe have been linking up and connecting on several levels, exchanging ideas and participating in each others’ events and assemblies.  Both are networks of networks… and some of our reciprocal members have common initiatives and organisations in some countries.  Still most of our members are not – yet – in touch or even know each other, although many work in similar fields, contiguous activities and with common values.

The RIPESS Europe assembly has now approved the first formal partnership agreement that has been made between the two sister networks, where the different forms of exchanges, synergies and collaboration are defined. “We join forces to raise awareness, co-create, act collaboratively, care for, and bring to live communities and economies of the future!” in particular in the following fields:

● Policy and Advocacy
● Fundraising and Projects
● Communities for Future
● Events and Communication

We are convinced that this partnership will strengthen both networks and all their associates and will allow enacting mutual support both on the ground and at the wider EU policy level.  For instance, RIPESSEU has participated in the ECOLISE 2022 Policy Positioning Process and engaged in the discussion on  the 10 theses towards transformative community-led local development policies.  

ECOLISE and the Communities for future platform are now integrated in Transiscope, which RIPESS Europe is promoting in order to have an extensive Europe wide map of alternatives.

Here is the partnership agreement: RIPESS EU and ECOLISE Partnership Agreement-1