By Josette Combes, Ripess Europe

The flagship event of this autumn is for RIPESS Europe the holding of its General Assembly in Wroclaw, Poland at the invitation of FairTrade Poland, hosted by the Ecocentrum of Monika Onyszkiewicz’s foundation (Fundacja EkoRozwoju). We welcome this opportunity to learn more about what is happening in the East and to understand how SSE is organized and developing in Poland and in Central Eastern European countries. It is probably a little late to participate face-to-face but the connection is possible. You will find all the details in the infopack.

Events have happened during this holiday period, the exceptional (at least we must hope so) drought, the staggering number of hectares of forest gone up in smoke, the terrible floods in Pakistan. We have chosen to orient this bulletin internationally in liaison with the RIPESS intercontinental team who entrusted us with some of the information emanating from the intercontinental networks.

Thus, RIPESS Intercontinental participated in the moderation of the side event at HLPF 2022 within the UN.
The High-Level Political Forum
is a United Nations platform organized for the follow-up and review of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). This participation is the culmination of work carried out for more than ten years to have SSE recognized as one of the most relevant solutions to achieve the SDGs.

ASEC, the Asian network held an online forum under the title Creating convergence spaces for the builders of the SSE community in Asia”.

“The future of SSE” was the theme of the conference organized in Tunisia by MedRiSSE. MedRISSE is a two-year project aimed at fostering the co-production of social policies to combat poverty, inequality, social exclusion and environmental non-sustainability in the Mediterranean.

Julia Steinberger, member of the IPCC and Rob Hopkins, initiator of the international movement of cities in transition participated in the opening conference of the 8th Festival d’Alternatiba Léman on August 29, 2022. Aprés-GE, a member of RIPESS participated.

Among the international events to come, in this period of deadly conflicts, let us highlight the Conference -Debate organized in Geneva from 7 to 9 October 2022 culmination of the Jai Jagat, the march for peace. “After the pandemic, re-enchanting the economy through non-violence” will welcome “The caravan of alternatives of peasant and urban solutions”.

RIPESS is involved in a new project, focused on the measurement of social utility, DEVISUS (Development of an Ecosystem for the Valorization of Social Impact and Social Utility) which held its first meeting in Lille in September.

The organization of seminars is one of our communication tools. On September 23, a webinar will be held on the theme “Feminist Economics and the Promotion of Care in Our Workplaces“. We are continuing our work on feminism and invite you to participate.

On the occasion of its 20th anniversary celebrated as a preview of the Strasbourg conference, RTES publishes a video on 20 years of SSE actions by and for the territories.

Rioja is the third autonomous community after Galicia (in 2016) and the Canary Islands (in 2022) to have an autonomous law for the sector and its Parliament has just passed an SSE law which is welcomed by REAS Rioja.

To conclude, a tribute to the REAS newsletter which is celebrating its 200th edition and thus more than 16 years of uninterrupted information on economic alternatives to transform the world and our lives. Bravo

To conclude, a tribute to the REAS newsletter which is celebrating its 200th edition and thus more than 16 years of uninterrupted information on economic alternatives to transform the world and our lives. Bravo!

We are going to meet our Polish friends in Wroclaw. Olga Tokarczuk lives in Wroclaw. Let’s quote from her 2018 Nobel Prize for Literature acceptance speech, edited as “The Tender Narrator“, a masterpiece of poetry and wisdom. “History would be woven in such a way that it is obvious that everything and everyone belongs to a shared imagination, consciously produced by our minds with each revolution of the planet“. Thank you to this great lady whose works re-enchant the world.