By Andrea Rodriguez, Ripess Europe

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RIPESS Europe is pleased to invite you on 23 September at 16h CEST to the Webinar Feminist Economy and the promotion of care in the workspaces. An online activity, which will take place in the framework of the 4 Care Work Environment project and will count with the participation of María Atienza who is part of REAS Red de Redes (Spain) and is an expert in Gender and Social and Solidarity Economy, Luciane Lucas dos Santos from the Centre for Social Studies of Portugal and the University of Coimbra with a long career in postcolonial feminisms among others, and Josette Combes, part of the RIPESS Europe and MES France team and who has specialised in feminisms throughout her career in the SSE world.

This activity is based on the idea that the neoliberal society we live in has built a way of organising life in common, politics, economy, culture, education, etc. developed in opposition to the material bases that allow life to be sustained. Therefore, we believe it is necessary to confront this capital-life conflict from the approach of Feminist Economiy and care, and to apply it not only as part of our narratives but also in our daily practices.

This webinar is an invitation to think radically, to question ourselves and to share our ideas on how to confront the looming crises. A modest contribution on how to continue challenging the system from collective intelligence. And together we will focus on solving the following questions:

Feminist economy and care: what does it mean, how can it be reflected in work spaces?

Intersectional feminism in workspaces: What are the current challenges for SSE organisations?

Lessons from practice in SSE organisations. 

We look forward to seeing you!

*The activity will be in English