By Drazen Simlesa, General coordinator

We are on our way to the next General Assembly, a time and place for discussion and decision making, communication and networking, mutual support and fun.

Each GA is a specific and unique case, but it also represents a tradition for the network. This year’s GA will be very special as it will take place for the first time in Eastern Europe, with our local organizer – our member Fair Trade Poland – and the Ekocentrum – in the city of Wrocław – hosting us. But this GA is also meant to be a continuity in our history, as a network, we have been trying to promote and support SSE actors in Central and Eastern Europe. It will be an opportunity for us to meet local SSE actors or other solidarity associations, whether it is helping Ukrainian refugees, creating places based on sustainable development or conducting fair trade projects.

We will also meet organizations that are part of the new HATI-SOS project. This is a new consortium supporting SSE in the ECCs, which aims to strengthen cooperation and networking of SSE trainers and activists and to develop soft skills, such as mindfulness, non-violent communication and horizontal decision making. We will also need these soft skills at the GA to decide on our objectives, cooperation and networking, newly elected members in the operational parts of the network, but also to express ourselves in several working groups.

So we are going to Poland, a good example of an increasingly polarized world. In recent years, political elites have taken more and more measures that threaten democracy, human and women’s rights, freedom of the press and transparency of the judicial system. On the other hand, we have a vibrant and active progressive movement, municipalities seeking new avenues of development, and tremendous aid to victims of war on their southeastern border.

We need to support those who are moving society towards a more just, equitable, supportive and sustainable society. To take a small step in this direction, join us at our GA in Poland: get in touch with us ( !