Article by Reas, Red de Redes, Spain

Since January 2006, sends monthly to its subscribers the latest news, resources of different types and upcoming activities related to the Solidarity Economy in Spanish. With its focus on the Spanish State and Latin America, this initiative of REAS Network of Networks reaches its 200th number in September 2022, and thus celebrates more than 16 years uninterruptedly informing about the economic alternatives to transform the world and our lives. It’s to celebrate!

Each of the sendings of this newsletter includes the news published on the Solidarity Economy website in the previous month, both those generated by REAS Network of Networks or the territorial and sectoral networks that make it up, as well as those that, from more or less related media, deal with relevant issues for the Social and Solidarity Economy and, especially for Spanish-speaking communities. Since its inception, this compilation and generation of news is accompanied by an agenda of upcoming activities with meetings, courses, conferences and congresses, as well as videos, audios and different publications that are part of the

The evolution of this publication, a centerpiece in the communication scheme of REAS RdR for well over a decade, can be seen in, where they are available for consultation all numbers sent since 2006 except 22 and 23, which have not yet been recovered. As of September 2020, and coinciding with the renewal of the Solidarity Economy web portal itself, the bulletin presents, in addition to the three differentiated areas already commented (resources, activities and news), some outstanding information in its header and an organization of the news that reflects the nine information themes defined for Responsible Consumption, Ethical Finance, Fair Trade, Feminisms, Environmentalism, Social Market, Public Policies, REAS Network of Networks and Solidarity Economy.

The networks that form REAS and those to which we belong, both at the national, European and Latin American level, have in this bulletin a privileged communication tool that is delivered every beginning of the month to more than 20,000 mailboxes. Some of them also serve as repeaters, providing the information of the Solidarity Economy to other nearby networks. The sections of the Solidarity Economy web portal are also open to collect articles, resources and calls that are sent well in advance through the contact section. To get another 200 issues with the same intensity and grow the reach of the Solidarity Economy, the newsletter is available to those who have something to tell.

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