By Constance André-Aigret, Après-VD

The Chambre de l’ESS Après-VD (Switzerland) organized on Thursday, January 27 a Climate Fresco workshop. For three hours, the participants were able to become aware of the causes, mechanisms and impacts of climate change on the living world and reflect together on concrete solutions to be implemented at the individual and collective levels.

This workshop is part of Après-VD’s more global action to raise awareness and inform about ecological issues and create ecosystems for ecological transition aimed at an economy of sufficiency and carbon neutrality by 2030. Après-VD is committed to promoting SSE in the Vaud region to bring about a change in culture and economic framework in order to infuse it with the dimensions of justice and social inclusion, in a context of ecological emergency. We encourage green innovations that have a positive impact on the collective, the carbon footprint and biodiversity!