Article by Eric Lavillunière, Transition Minett

Luxembourg is the first country in the world at offering free public transport throughout the country to any traveller. This is valid when you go up on board a bus, a train or a tram (in Luxembourg City). You will only need a ticket to travel first class by train, or if you want to cross the border to Germany, France or Belgium. First class on trains remains chargeable.

Despite this spectacular measure that combines social and ecological benefits, the car still reigns supreme in the country. And with almost 50% of workers cross-border, the number of cars on the road daily remains very impressive. But as we know, the change towards alternatives will only be possible by offering an efficient public transport offer (frequency, connections, car parks at departure, etc.). The Green Minister for Mobility, François Bausch, admits: ” Playing solely on prices will never be enough, it is also and above all necessary a good quality of offer, service and transport.

In addition, several citizen initiatives, part of the citizen ecological transition movement, promote the practice of cycling (see article Vélorution). That’s how we’ll get to the cultural change that needs change.