In April 2019, the WSFTE 2019 convergence meeting was held in the city of Barcelona. This meeting allowed more than 300 people from 46 countries, coming from different movements, to meet: Feminist Economies, Agroecology and Food Sovereignty, Social and Solidarity Economy and Common Goods or Procomún, as well as the transversal axes Public Policies (PP) and Training met to appreciate our diversity, detect our complicities and weave networks. The “Public Policies” group meets every month to exchange and analyse the importance and contribution of transformative economies in the different territories. The group drafted its objectives and decided to create a form to collect public policies in the different countries.

This form is the result of the collective process of the different actors of the transformative economies. It will be used to :

  1. Collect public policies or local initiatives that constitute an alternative to the current context because of the impact of Covid-19
  2. Carry out a study on the different experiences of transformative economies in the participation of civil society in the co-construction of public policies. This theme is divided into three areas: good practices, context and the capacity of institutions to develop policies.
  3. Draft an analytical note to be presented at the 2020 WSFTE
  4. Organise activities in the framework of the WSFTE 2020 to promote good practices.
  5. Share these results in other international spaces such as the GSEF 2020 to be held from 21 to 23 October.

The form is accessible from (here) and once completed will be integrated into the existing mapping on Public Policies, a mapping that allows selecting policies according to their scope (e.g. regional), the type of PP (e.g. co-production of PP), and its thematic (e.g. PP related to food).

Thank you for sharing any good practices that you consider important. Deadline: Friday, May 29, 2020. If you have a question about the form or the Public Policy group of the WSFTE, please contact Xavi Rubio at