In these troubled times, and as we did last month, Coronavirus obliges, we invite you to read the documents with the keyword #COVID-19 with analytical articles on the world after the crisis and on solidarity during the health crisis. For example:

  • La contribution du Mouvement pour l’Economie Solidaire France à la sortie de crise COVID-19, 2020 [lire]
  • El café, el cacao y el coronavirus, con Hans Perk, Director Regional de Oikocredit para África, 28 abril de 2020 [lire]
  • Corona and the Commons, Michel Bauwens, 2020 [lire]

Several webinar recordings or videos on how different components of SSE are responding to the crisis are also online on this same keyword.

But we want to highlight also other issues:

  • La note d’analyse de Denis STOKKINK : Green deal et économie sociale : enjeux et perspectives, 2020 [lire]
  • Le projet TACITE : Vers une transition ordinaire. Retour sur les trois universités éphémères du programme Travail Autonome, Coopération, Innovations Sociales pour la Transition Ecologique (TACITE), Emmanuelle Besançon, Catherine Bodet, Philippe Chemla, Nicolas Chochoy, Geneviève Fontaine, Noémie De Grenier, Thomas Lamarche, Jennifer Saniossian, 2020 [lire]

or else:

  • The Future is Public Towards Democratic Ownership of Public Services, by Satoko Kishimoto, Lavinia Steinfort, Nara Petrovic, A TNI Publication 2020 [lire]

Abstract : Resistance to privatisation has turned into a powerful force for change. (Re)municipalisation refers to the reclaiming of public ownership of services as well as the creation of new public services. In recent years, our research has identified more than 1,400 successful (re)municipalisation cases involving more than 2,400 cities in 58 countries around the world.