Initiated in Geneva by [Après-Ge] and [Monnaie Léman], with the collaboration of RIPESS Europe (validated during our last General Assembly), the SmartketPlace project was conceived during Hack-Covid19. It had become obvious that the economic crisis caused by the confinement would strengthen the GAFAM*, the mass distribution and online supermarkets, to the detriment of local producers, small distribution, social and solidarity economy.

An immediate and concrete response, technologically efficient and easily “replicable”, was needed to respond to the current crisis and lay the foundations for a local economy that could be resilient to the announced crises. It is a question of survival for many of us!

The SmartketPlace platform is a generalist, sustainable, social and solidarity market, aimed at local communities and reproducible “everywhere on the planet”. It is centered on the person and the respect of their data. It allows short circuits for our goods, our services, and creates a “commons” with the personal data that everyone wants to make available, in a careful and conscious way!

SmarketPlace manages the entire process of selling and buying goods and services: (1) Choice of products; (2) Online payment (also in local currency); (3) Choice of delivery type.

It is based on the combination of three technological innovations at the service of common citizens: (1) an artificial intelligence based on a linguistic / semantic analysis of the data allowing to obtain a homogeneous catalogue of products, from the different heterogeneous catalogues of the producers; (2) a personal data protection system allowing each consumer, at any time, to choose which data he transmits or not to the “Common Data” (the valorization or not of these data is chosen by the community); (3) a personal data protection system and a secured payment on an independent and autonomous blockchain.

A pilot application will be operational by the end of 2020. We are still seeking some funding to get it up and running.

** RIPESS Europe invites you to: POLLING among the members!**

RIPESS Europe gathered a working group on 7 May 2020 to make concrete progress on this issue. 

It was decided to survey RIPESS Europe members. 

Please fill in the following table before JUNE 10, 2020, in order to inform us whether :

Your community or network is interested in SmartketPlace

1.     To participate in the development of the project

2.     To implement it in your home

3. you wish to share a tool that seems similar or complementary to you

4. you wish to participate in a European or international financing project for the development of SmartketPlace

5. you are not interested: why?

6. you need more information

More information: here and here

We need as many answers as possible, even negative ones, to organize our strategy for the future.

Looking forward to hearing from you! 

For the SmartketPlace Task Force. Antonin Calderon / Jean Rossiaud (AFTER-GE)

*GAFAM: Google, Amazon, Facebook, Apple, Microsoft