For this end of the year, ideas for solidarity gifts


The book (released in January) (if anybody in your entourage speaks French!)

L’Economie Solidaire en Mouvement
, by Josette Combes, Bruno Lasnier and Jean-Louis Laville

and many contributors, at Editions Eres: here is the link: and on, you will find it here.


But also,


  • Offer cooperative games: in reference some: put “game” (with quotation marks) in the search engine: here are the results.
  • How the consumer society generates new solidarity practices, an article in French in The Conversation, on practices like “hanging coffees” (originating in Italy): in a bar, you pay for two coffees, one for yourself, the other for a person with lesser financial resources. This practice in the Italian context, during the period of social distancing of Covid-19, evolved into the project. This initiative brings together a wide network of companies, non-governmental organisations (NGOs), celebrities, institutions, professionals, consumers and other actors. Their goal is to support families with lesser financial resources by optimising the flow of goods and services between producers and distributors and making these goods available at low cost or even free of charge. Consumption, therefore, but which takes forms of solidarity.