The next World Social Forum will be held in Montreal from 9 to 14 August. Under the first theme of the WSF ” Economic, social and solidarity alternatives  against the capitalist crisis” RIPESS organizes two activities: first a crossed perspective between continents on the challenges and opportunities in the construction of the SSE movement (Africa, Latin America, Europe and North America) and an activity on Social and Solidarity Economy in Latin America. The network member US SEN is also organizing a workshop on Solidarity Economy in the US.

Moreover RIPESS tries to contribute to foster networking, trying to bring together people, groups and organizations that are working for the development of the ESS, to encourage as many meetings and collaborations as possible. Among other, in order to promote these connections, RIPESS invites members and friends to participate in an informal meeting, which will be held on August 10 at the Restaurant Végo Resto St-Denis, 1720 St. Denis Street, Montreal. Everyone will be Welcome.

RIPESS also encourages participants at the WSF to participate in some of the following activities organized by the members of the continental networks as: activities related to the “commons” where Jason Nardi from RIPESS Europe will speak; a workshop that presents the work , a network member of Urgenci in India; three workshops organized by Cooperation Jackson from Mississippi that will explain the construction of the solidarity economy in the Southern United States, as well as the important link between the construction of a solidarity economy through cooperatives and other forms of self-management business and the struggle against oppression and racism that suffer the African-American population.

Here the list of selected activities on the ESS (each activity in its language)

Finally RIPESS will attend various convergence activities to move forward in the direction of the title FSM2016 “Another world is necessary, together it all becomes possible!”

Following the activities of the WSF Jason Nardi from RIPESS EU will also attend the meeting of the International Commission of the WSF.