For several years now, has been carrying out a litterature monitoring on legislations related to SSE. You can now find them on a single page, the SSE Legislations Page, accessible on the home page of the site (top bar).

The presentation is simple:

  • access by continent and country:
  • a filter by type of laws (Framework Law: for the whole SSE or other laws: more specific laws):
  • a territorial filter: is it a law, decree, etc. applicable at a municipal, regional, national or international level?
  • access for declarations and resolutions of major international bodies, FAO, ILO, etc.:

A few introductory paragraphs on the Legislations page explain all the possibilities linked to this page, in addition to the complementary research offered by analyses and comments on laws or guides for future laws and policies, for example. In addition, thanks to its search engine or keywords: you can have more targeted access to existing legislation:

  • thus clicking on the keyword “associations” in English gives access to all the texts of laws on associations in English
  • putting “associations” in the search engine gives you access to all the legislations present on the site in the different languages relating to associations throughout the world.

In addition, you will note in the right-hand column the logo of the United Nations Task Force on Social and Solidarity Economy (UNTFSSE). It shows the collaboration between our two entities. The TF members and observers will now send information for the page to enrich it: as they did, for example, for the recent SSE laws in Cameroon and Tunisia.

A last point on languages: the legislations are presented in their original version, plus possibly a translation in one of the 5 languages of the site, if available.

This page will hopefully serve as an inspiration for new legislations in the near future: What is the scope of SSE provided for in the law? What kind of organisations, initiatives? Which actors? What kind of funding? What kind of certification? Including local currencies? and many other aspects.