Since 2002, in all of France, a “Cooperation in education week” takes place: debates on the cooperative practices, cooperative games, contests… the goal is to show the cooperative practices school and outside schools, to introduce students to the cooperation within the learning of the democratic debate and familiarize parents, students and teachers about school cooperation issues. Tools are available on the website of Coop FR: support courses, game, tools, etc. This year, it took place from 14 to 19 March 2016.

Starting from 2017, this week will turn into “The Social Solidarity Economy school week” at the initiative of the ESPER (Economy social partner of the School of the Republic), an association which brings together nearly fifty organizations from the world of education and the ESS.

It will begin with the launch of a project in class called “My SSE at school”, during the month of the ESS in France – which takes place traditionally in November – to arrive in March of the following year during the week itself: creation of collective cooperative, mutualist and associative projects in class by and for youth in secondary education.

To train the trainers, a portal of educational resources in SSE was launched, with the support of the Ministry of National Education: The project is intended as a link between the world of education and of the SSE to encourage the sense of solidarity among young people and give them a means to see another approach to the economy and citizenship.