On 16th September the Global Forum NESI “New Economy and Social Innovation” was launched in Málaga. Diego Isabel, Director of the Global Hub for the Common Good, was accompanied by the mayor of Málaga, the President of the Málaga County and the Vice-Provost of University of Málaga.

Ripess Eu – Soldiarity Economy Europe will participate as co-organiser of the event, which will bring together different approaches to a new economy, from Social Solidarity Economy to Transition network, to Ouishare, to Global Alliance for Banking of Values (GABV), B the Change, and many others. NESI wants to bring together activists, entrepreneurs, social movements, governments and universities working to build a NEW ECONOMY: more sustainable, social, inclusive, fair, collaborative and oriented to people.

During October and November, the NESI Forum will be presented in several events in London, Madrid, Barcelona, Córdoba and Río de Janeiro. Outcomes of each one of these events will be used as an input for the Global Forum NESI in April 2017 in Málaga.