Objective of the game

To get to know the history of REAS Red de redes and the Solidarity Economy movement in a playful way through a series of questions and tests where you can familiarise yourself with the collective memory of these 25 years and become involved in other experiences of the network.

Who is it aimed at?

This game is mainly aimed at the networks, entities and people who form REAS. However, it is an open game where anyone who wants to know more about the network and the movement can participate.

How can you participate?

It is as simple as answering each of the questionnaires that we will be taking out throughout the year, the results of which will be added up. These questionnaires will be sent through internal channels to the entities that form part of REAS through their territorial or sectorial reference networks, as well as being uploaded to www.reasred.org/25-aniversario and disseminated on REAS’ social networks (@reas_red).

Extraordinary questions or tests will be launched to obtain bonuses and invite interaction between people on the network. These tests will be disseminated at www.reasred.org/25-aniversario and on social networks (@reas_red).

Participation will be on an individual basis, although the ideal is to be part of a network to play and participate collectively. Remember to always answer from the same direction so that you can add up the previous points to each new phase of the game.

How long can I participate?

You can play the different phases of the game as long as the game is open, which will end in mid-December 2020.

More in Spanish here.