By Sophie Gergaud, Autour du 1er mai

Autour du 1er mai is the association that created and maintains the Cinema and Society database. This is an online database that lists films and film projects on social issues, to enable everyone, whether a professional or an amateur programmer, to find films, to know how to obtain them, where to view them, how and where to pay for screening rights

Autour du 1er mai is conducting a vast project in 2021 and 2022 to promote the SSE through cinema. Today, thanks to the cinema, it is a question of changing scale to contribute to making a wider public discover the innovative vitality of the SSE and, more generally, of all social experimentation working towards a more ecological and supportive transition in order to reach all those who want to contribute to the invention of a fairer and more resilient world. Accompanying film screenings is one facet of this project, and training in film programming is another. The films identified by Autour du 1er mai are also referenced on

This project also includes a third component, which we are launching today: a call for films to constitute the filmed memory of the SSE! The idea is to call on all structures, all network heads, all SSE partners, to ask them to tell us about any film references they may have. The aim is to list these films not only to keep track of them, and thus constitute an audiovisual memory of SSE, but also to make it easier to locate them and find the rightful owners for those who would then like to organise a screening.

Here is the text of the call (in French).

The films sought should ideally have subtitles in French, English or Spanish. But if there are any treasures, do not hesitate to send us the references.

If you would like to see videos on SSE referenced in, please write to Françoise Wautiez.