A new guide (download in pdf) to SSE from the “Challenging the Crisis: promoting citizens’ engagement in a time of uncertainty” EU project led by IDEA, in Ireland, with partners in 5 other European countries: Portugal, Italy, Slovenia, Spain and Greece.

The Project Partners have facilitated the creation of a network of Young Global Advocates (YGAs) across the 6 countries, using Development Education to build critical awareness, enabling them to see the unfolding European debt crises in a global, interdependent context. The YGAs, with the support of the partners, have launched a pan-European campaign to raise awareness of Social and Solidarity Economy, promoting it on the political and economic agenda of the European Union and national policy-makers. The campaign focus was decided at a global forum held between the 6 countries involved in Brussels in July 2014, where almost 60 YGAs jointly agreed on Social and Solidarity Economy as a topic that could play a key role in tackling inequality and promoting global justice. The aim of the campaign is to show Europeans the value of responding to the current financial crisis collectively, re-engaging them with the idea of a common European community acting in solidarity with people globally to overcome the challenges we are presently facing.

For more information see: www.challengingthecrisis.com