David Hiez, Doctor of Law and Full Professor of Civil Law, Social Economy Law, Jurisprudence, Cooperative Law, European Private Law at the Faculty of Law, Economics and Finance of the University of Luxembourg has published a Guide to the writing of law for the social and solidarity economy
You can find it here or on socioeco.org.

While remaining consistent with the history, context and idiosyncrasies of each country, the writing of law relating to the Social and Solidarity Economy is a political task. In- deed, without in the least nursing political ambitions, the SSE wears its political mantle with pride. Indeed, in many cases such as that of the recent Tunisian law, the relevant authorities display political approval, in that national legal endorsements are voted more or less unanimously. In this way, the public authorities display their position in the face of the need to acknowledge and promote an economic model that places human beings and their environment at its centre. In view of the current crisis, this need is acquiring an ever greater urgency. The enactment of SSE law is therefore a strong political signal to all socio-economic and political players at all levels. It is also a political-economy project, in that it democratises development and works towards the redistribution of the wealth generated.

See also the page legislation of socioeco.org which reflects SSE legislation around the world.