In France, as the government prepares to complete the dismantling of public services, from rail to university, mobilisations and resistance are organized. This editorial calls to take into account, in addition to these mobilizations, the different forms of revolt but also initiatives carrying another “possible world”. The current social movement rekindles the sense of resistance to the laws of the market and financial speculation, reenact the revolts of the past and rediscovers the very essence of real democracy. The experience of the ZAD is eloquent in this respect, the state exercises the “monopoly of legitimate violence” against a collective management of commons, whose very idea is unacceptable by the current existing order. At the SNCF, in the hospital environment, in multiple companies, the idea is moving to reclaim production tools, to master its work, its skills and its efforts to act on their social utility. A variety of initiatives, rooted in the solidarity economy, contribute to the opening of new ways of social transformation.

Read the whole article – appeal here (in French – Liberation).

(Co-signed by: Michèle Riot-Sarcey, historian ; Francis Sitel, codirector of the magazine Contretemps ; Jean-Louis Laville, socio-économist of the Critique collective and member of the RIPESS Europe advisory council ; Lionel Maurel, author of the blog S.I.Lex ; Jean Claude Boual, Collectif des associations citoyennes ; Patricia Coler, Mouvement pour l’économie solidaire ; Claude Sicard, activist ; Laura Aufrère, member of the RIPESS Europe Coordination Committee).