Article from Ufisc, France

Mobilization for a culture of diversity and solidarity

Proposals for more freedom, equality and fraternity through culture!

As the period of presidential and legislative elections opens in France until June 2022, the UFISC and its member organizations are taking the initiative to revive the dynamic
L’Art Est Public
and to call for cultural mobilization.

In this period of health, climate, social and political crises… we must ask ourselves how to weave our relationships to the world and to others differently, to show solidarity. And for this culture plays a fundamental role in the ecological, political, economic and social transformations to come.

Because culture is more than ever an essential issue, we call for the collection of “500 signatures for culture” ! Elected officials, candidates are invited to sign the call
L’Art Est Public
for more freedom, equality and fraternity through culture.

With this campaign, cultural actors wish to defend the possibility of a cultural and solidarity path. A path that brings profound changes, cultural transformations, and that accompanies new individual and collective capacities, towards more emancipation and a renewed democratic requirement.

Elected officials and candidates are invited to sign the call L’Art est public (Art is public) (in French) for more freedom, equality and fraternity through culture.

> Download and broadcast the call for signatures!

We propose simple and direct measures for a new cultural dynamic, an artistic, democratic and solidarity ambition:

  • more transversal and flexible policies that organise a relationship of trust with artistic and cultural actors, and that support the diversity of citizens’ initiatives;
  • direct aid for employment that allows the functioning of structures and policies that directly support the most vulnerable, especially in this context of crisis;
  • policies for the future that support transitional approaches rooted in the development of cooperation, human rights and ecology;
  • spaces for dialogue, consultation and the implementation of renewed policies.

Find the details of these proposals on the site (in French).