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Dear friends, dear members of Feminist Asylum,

The Solidarity with Pinar Selek campaign  is getting stronger and bigger.
To push the campaign on the international level, unions, associations, organisations and political parties are invited to support by signatures the Appeal of the Human Rights League (LDH) and the petition of the Citizen’s Assembly of People from Turkey (Acort):

We denounce the political persecution and instrumentality of Law against Pinar Selek.

As you probably know it, Turkish tribunals have already acquitted Pinar Selek 4 times after a false accusation of terrorism following a gaz explosion in Istanbul market in 1998. Pinar has been persecuted because of her research on Kurdish movement and marginalized population.
However, following the Supreme Court’s annulment of the fourth acquittal in June 2022, the Istanbul Criminal Court issued an international arrest warrant for the Franco-Turkish writer and sociologist on January 6, 2023. They plan to imprison her even before the judges of this court have given their verdict at the hearing scheduled for March 31, 2023 in Istanbul. We strongly denounce this new sentence along 25 years of political-judicial persecution against Pinar Selek and invite you to send the signature of your organization to

We invite you to join the support conference organized in Paris.

The LDH and the ACORT have planned a conference at the Auditorium of Paris City Hall on Wednesday 29 March 2023. Help us to visibilize the date, join in, or send us messages we can read during the conference.

We invite you to join the international delegation going to Istanbul.

The support committees for Pinar Selek are currently mobilizing to form a strong international delegation. This delegation is invited to travel to Istanbul from March 30 to April 1 to attend the hearing set by the Criminal Court on March 31, 2023. Parliamentarians, journalists, artists, academics and activists, if you can make this trip, please send an email to She will send you a registration form and answer your questions. Accommodation and travel assistance is available for those who wish to participate to this supportive action.

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