Article by Ripess Europe

World Localization Day  (WLD) is an annual celebration day, this year is the 21st of June, convened by the international NGO Local Futures, during which Local Futures and a large number of global partners host in-person and online events to highlight localization as a strategy for change, and to make visible and celebrate the initiatives that build up forms of economic organizing in support of socially and ecologically better as well as more healthier communities. 

This year, WLD puts out a message in support of big picture activism, which means taking a step back in order to see the outline of two very clear and very divergent paths into the future: Speed up, or slow down? Scale up, or go local? High-tech, or re-connect? and to create awareness about these two paths. 

On June 21st also, the release of a new Localization movie Closer to Home, which is a 30-minute film by Local Futures and Cyrus Sutton. The film is a united call for a new economy, delivered by those who have committed their lives to working for systemic change. Everyone is welcomed to host a screening as part of this international campaign, and contribute to growing awareness about a global-to-local shift.

 Last year, RIPESS Europe participated in October at the three day Planet Local summit in Bristol, hosted by Local Futures, speaking among other in one of the plenaries about the connection between Solidarity economy, localisation and community building. RIPESS also hosted together with ECOLISE a well participated break session at the summit putting the spotlight on Transformative community-led movements as being essential –  core! – to the fostering of systemic change.  

The Localisation movement welcomes everyone interested to get involved with the campaigning, and to participate in upcoming WLD events or to register an own event. Lets showcase our local!