Summary of the article Disability: France pinned by the Council of Europe for its many shortcomings

Julien Lecot, InfoJModerne, 17 April 2023

“In a decision made public on Monday 17 April 2023, the European Committee of Social Rights denounces the multiple violations by the French State of the rights and freedoms of people with disabilities.”

In France, people with disabilities are abused. Their freedom and rights have been violated for years, without things really changing, despite the pretty promises of successive governments,  This harsh observation is not drawn up (only) by the opposition or associations defending the rights of people with disabilities, but by the Council of Europe. In a unanimous decision, transmitted at the end of December to the French State and made public on Monday, April 17, 2023, which Libération was able to consult, the Strasbourg-based body, responsible in particular for defending human rights, considers that France neglects the rights of people with disabilities.”

Several shortcomings were addressed: “access to social assistance services and financial assistance’ and ‘health services’, ‘accessibility of buildings and facilities’ and ‘public transport’, ‘social integration and the life of the disability community’, and “the inclusion of children and adolescents with disabilities in regular schools”.


In the initiatives related to the SDGs, presented by the REAS, the Cooperativa de Iniciativa Social Gure Sustraiak in the Spanish Basque Country, introduces people with disabilities to permaculture and healthy eating, and trains them to become instructors themselves, thus changing the way people look at disability. (in Spanish)