RIPESS as a network promotes an economy of social and ecological justice based on peace, democracy, human rights, cooperation and solidarity worldwide. Our network supports international cooperation that includes a just transition, especially that of energy transition and sovereignty. We condemn all forms of military aggression and violence and condemn the war unleashed by Russia in Ukraine. We call for an unconditional ceasefire and demand the withdrawal of Russian and Belarussian troops.

We need UN action: Europe must promote political solutions, not an arms race or escalation.

We wish to express our solidarity with those who are helplessly watching the destruction of their towns and villages and those that live there. We call for unconditional protection, assistance to all who need it, respect of the rights to the population of all Ukraine, without distinction of language, nationality, race or culture: we stand with civil society, with Ukrainian and Russian people, foreign students and activists who oppose the war.

We support and contribute to building a Europe of peace, shared security, without nuclear weapons from the Atlantic to the Urals. More than ever, let us banish war and jointly build a world of peace, which is the only way to ensure sustainable and shared prosperity and justice.

Let’s build bridges and solidarity between peoples, not with weapons but with participatory democracy, rights and peace.