As part of UniverSSE2017, RIPESS Europe is proud to announce the important member’s investement on the issues and debates about Social Solidarity Economy in Europe.

This is the list of the main events promoted or with participation by RIPESS Europe members.


FRIDAY 9th, 18 :00 – 21 :00

OPEN PLENARY : Matter and Energy of UniverSSE: Democratizing Economy, Emancipating Society, Empowering Change

Patricia Coler, Movement pour l’ Economie Solidaire, MES (France)

Georgia Bekridaki, DOCK Greece

Jason Nardi, Solidarius Italia


SATURDAY 10th  10:00 – 12:00

Agroecology: a key element for responsible production and consumption, and fighting climate change

Judith Hitchman, President of Urgenci (International CSA Network)

Gaelle Bigler, member of the Urgenci Kernel, European CSA Research Group, representative of Swiss CSA network

The future of SSE in Europe: How do we co-build public policies with the institutions

Jean-Louis Laville, CNAM and Advisory Council of RIPESS EU, France

Laura Aufrere, Fédérale d’ Intervention des Structures Culturelles – France (UFISC/RIPESS)

Patricia Andriot, French network of Local Authorities for implementing Social Economy in Public Policies – RTES

Coordination: Eric Lavilluniere, INEES Luxembourg

Financing the solidarity revolution: Concepts and tools of financing the universe of SSE

Carlos Askunze, REAS RdR, Spain

Coordination: Jason Nardi, Solidarius Italia

Promoting SSE in different areas of training to accelerate the social transition

Josette Combes, RIUESS, France

Soana Tortora, Solidarius Italia

Rogerio Amaro, Summer school on ESS, RedPES, Portugal

Coordination: Bruno Lasnier, MES (Mouvement pour l’ Economie Solidaire), France


SATURDAY 10th  12:15 – 14:15

Fair and solidarity trade: Past, present and future

Gabriella D’Amico, World Fair Trade Organization Europe and Tavolo RES, Italy

Contributor: Member of Solidarity 4 all

Practices on commons I: Natural commons

Mathieu Richard, RESCOOP (European network of Energy cooperatives)

Making laws work for the development of SSE: comparing experiences between Spain, France and Greece.
Organized by Heinrich Böll Foundation

Patricia Coler, MES–Movement for Solidarity Economy, France

Carlos Askunze, REAS RdR, Network of networks for the Solidarity economy, Spain

Françoise Wautiez,

Contributor: Member of Solidarity 4 all


SATURDAY 10th  16.30 – 18.30

The daily challenge of “existing” collaboration in cooperative initiatives

Laura Aufrere, UFISC- Union Fédérale d’ Intervention des Structures  Culturelles, France

Local government and SSE: Political direction and synergies

Nora Inwinkl, Solidarius Italia

Patricia Andriot, Network of Local Authorities for Social Economy of France – RTES

Ivan Miró, Solidarity Economy Network of Catalonia – XES

Another economy is possible! Time Banking – P2P Currencies

Ruby Van der Wekken, – Time Bank in Finland

Member of Solidarity 4 all


The Localisation – Degrowth – transition movement as an alternative to the destruction of the environment and the local communities

Eric Lavilluniere, General Coordinator – RIPESS Europe, Reconomy project Luxembourg Transition Network

Towards a democracy of commons: Approaches and pursuits

Ruby Van der Wekken, Siemenpuu Foundation and, Finland

The challenge of SSE in particular socio-political conditions

Markéta Vinkelhoferová, Ecumenical academy, Fair & Bio Cooperative Roastery, Czech Republic

Lana Zdravkovi, Peace Institute, Slovenia

Zanda Skuja, Green Liberty , Latvia

Colm Massey, Solidarity Economy Association, UK

Pavlina Petrova, Ideas Factory, Bulgaria


SATURDAY 10th  16.30 – 18.30

1st European Alternative Media and SSE Meeting (1st part)

Organised and coordinated by Ripess EU and The Journalists’ Journal (EF.SYN)