Last days to contribute to the crowdfunding campaign to support the participation in the Solidarity Economy Congress in Athens (see the campaign here:

When the planet is coughing and people are suffocated under the capitalist sphere, it’s time to reach for the sky.  We must continue to draw the constellations between the Social Solidarity Economy initiatives, ranging from cooperatives to mutual associations, exchange networks, alternative currencies, time banks, eco-communities and grassroots initiatives which form the European SSE galaxy. First of all to create essential connections for the emergence of collective intelligence, but also to work together in a common direction, using the same map.

Our mission is to Democratize Economy, Emancipate Society and Empower Change!  By highlighting SSE and its impact, we hope to motivate more people to adopt its philosophy and add their stars in the UniverSSE.  We aim to show that SSE can create new work opportunities, true relationships among people, real democracy and greater care for the environment. 

UniverSSE is a story of a huge galaxy that shines around Europe and tries to help us raise our sight to other solutions.

From the 9th to the 11th of June, we will hold a congress at The Agricultural  University of Athens: the 4th European Social and Solidarity Economy Congress – UniverSSE 2017 (See the program here: )

For this 3 day congress, SSE organizations, groups and individuals from all over Europe will meet, and have the opportunity to discuss and exchange ideas, experiences, expertise and common strategies around SSE. We are also happy to announce that the 6th General Assembly of Ripess EU  will be held in Athens, as part of the Congress. 

This is where YOU come in. So that no one is eclipsed,  it’s important to be able to cover all travel and accommodation expenses for members of Social and Solidarity Economy groups that are coming to participate in the congress, especially those who can not afford to come. We need also to finance the administrative costs of the event.  We have started a crowdfunding campaign to collect 5000€ to support the project. Comet or an asteroid, everyone must be able to take part in this collective journey and express their voice. We no longer content ourselves with watching the world of tomorrow through a telescope, let us be the explorers! Can you afford to give 10, 20, €50 or more to help create the UniverSSE? Please donate, promote this important meeting, and spread the crowdfunding campaign far and wide! Let’s not leave anyone behind!