By Agnes Gagyi, Solidarity Economy Center, Budapest
At the outbreak of the pandemic, left initiatives in Hungary established the Solidarity Action Group, with the aim to collectively analyse the crisis and its management, to identify concrete community- or movement-based solutions, and start collaborative initiatives on the ground. In the Spring 2020, based on collective research and writing, the group published a series of articles on the independent left portal Mérce on challenges and opportunities related to the pandemic in the areas of economic policy, wage work, care work, housing, food, climate change, obstetric care, and violence against women. Since then, members of the group have been working together in working groups, the largest of which became a main platform for organizations working on food sovereignty in Hungary.
On 3 November, we launch the “food sovereignty” special issue of the Hungarian critical journal Fordulat. The issue links local initiatives of food sovereignty and agroecology with a larger context of global antisystemic struggles. The issue is published in Hungarian, but the table of contents and abstracts are also available in English.