Every year, hundreds of people from across the globe are drawn by the call of community to come together at the European Ecovillage Gathering. This festival of ecovillage living celebrates community in all its forms and offers all who attend a chance to meet ecovillagers, learn tools for community development, network with like-minded souls, and discover practices for social, economic, cultural and ecological regeneration.
The cherished memories from the Gathering’s last visit to Angsbacka in 2017 still resonate with warmth and joy in our hearts. Join us in celebrating this reunion and the promise of a brighter, greener future together!

What to expect
This year, the Gathering extends an invitation to embrace the radical act of slowing down. We will pause together, tuning into the rhythm of our bodies, the voices of our global community, and the whispers of the more-than-human world that surrounds us.

Journey with us as we urgently shift gears away from the relentless pace dictated by capitalism and consumerism. This Gathering is a sanctuary to learn, to listen intently, to celebrate the beauty of connection, and to explore pathways leadingleading towards constructive and co-created patterns and structures.

Immerse yourself in the intentional deceleration that defines this year’s Gathering. Discover the profound sense of community that emerges when we cultivate slowness, spaciousness, and patience. Draw inspiration from ecovillages and conscious communities, tapping into the wellsprings of regenerative wisdom that fuel our collective journey.

The programme
The European Ecovillage Gathering presents a programme of invited speakers, co-created workshops and facilitated collective experiences that bring together the best of ecovillage wisdom and regenerative practices.
You can expect a truly unique programme of…

  • Thought-provoking speakers to spark reflection, conversation and action
  • Embodied practices to ground and reconnect
  • Music and dance in the stunning installations of our venue
  • Meet the Ecovillages, a space to discover the ecovillages of Europe
  • Moments of calm to reflect and recharge
  • “Home groups” to anchor you and share your experiences with a small group throughout the Gathering
  • Nature connection in the forests and gardens of Ängsbacka
  • And so much more…

Who is it for?
The Gathering is for everyone, and we aspire to create an event that has a truly welcoming, community feel. Families, farmers, artists, activists, politicians, scientists, experienced ecovillagers and novices alike all have their place in this gathering that combines workshops, talks, music, movement, arts and plenty of time for sharing and connection.

Connection to the European Ecovillage Network
The Gathering invites you to become a part of the European Ecovillage Network, GEN Europe. Membership of GEN Europe grants you access to hours of ecovillage educational content, closer connection to other ecovillagers and ecovillage seekers, and much more. To secure your place, you’ll take three simple steps:

  • First, become a member of GEN Europe, with reduced price for youth and other discounts.
  • Secondly, purchase your Gathering ticket as an add-on to your membership. The earlier you book, the lower the price!
  • Finally, secure your food and accommodation directly with Angsbacka via our website and prepare to enjoy the magic of the European Ecovillage Gathering!


RIPESS Europe will contribute to the programme of this year’s European Ecovillages gathering with the following workshops.

Building a food community: from commodities to commons

Anyone has a right to good quality, healthy, locally grown food – and this right is a basis for any community. What is the relation we have with land and how we use it? What relation is regenerative, sustainable, mutualistic and economically viable? How to do this in practice? How to build an eco-community from access to food and beyond, with solidarity economy practices (from CSAs to Food coops and different forms of cooperative initiatives). What can the ecovillages movement share from their practices? Come and discuss it with us and exchange inspiring examples from different communities around Europe.

Monica Onyszkiewicz, from Poland CSA, agroecological and Fair trade movement, member of the RIPESS Europe coordination committee.

GEN Expo – Renewable Energy Solidarity Communities: power to the people!

Join us to explore how to make renewable energy an economic means for your community, democratizing energy production, distribution and consumption in a mutualistic and participatory way.  We will look at the European norms and different practices that are being created in many countries and the economic management of a community, based on its needs and aspirations.

Jason Nardi, RIPESS Europe – also member of the Italian energy coop “E’ nostra” (Our energy)