Article by Bérénice Dondeyne, MES Occitanie

The MES Occitanie, which hosted a Colombian delegation in 2018, supports the position of the Colombians of Occitanie, who demonstrated on 8 May 2021 in Toulouse.

Amparo Theret, from the Colombian Association Inta-Aïny, mentions her concern about the drifts that Colombia has been taking since 28 April 2021. On that date, the Colombian people rose up against several financial reforms, which in the context of the COVID pandemic accentuate social inequalities, especially for the most vulnerable classes of the country and the indigenous peoples. In this context, there have been numerous deaths as a result of police charges, approximately 2,000 injured and more than 400 people missing.

All Colombian organisations and movements demand urgent international support from European countries and institutions such as Europe and the United Nations to put an end to the exactions against civil society, which has already suffered greatly since 2020. We demand that fundamental human rights be respected, including the right to peaceful protest.

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