RTES is a French network which just has 10 years old and at less 100 members. Members are Regions, departments, communal levels , all of them are publics institutions which have or want to increase public policy in social economic way.

RTES is an official network which is involved with ARF, ADF, AMGVF ( French regions associations, French departements association, french middle town associations, etc..) in discussion with government to be sure social economy is included in different public policy (rural, urban, young public policy ….for example). A specific law about social and solidarity economy is now in discussion too, and RTES is also involved. We hope this law will specify strategic guidances, stakes in front of capitalist economic model, and how social economiy can face today’s society questions. But RTES is also a resource centre to provide information, specific studies, help and advice about different topics to sustain communities which want to develop social economic measures. For example, we organise information days about current items: collective fooding, low energy social habitat, European public market directive, …. For RTES, European view is important to develop social economic / a solidarity based economy. It is why we are interested in developing connection with European networks as RIPESS or REVES and we just made a internal Europe board to follow European actuality Patricia Andriot, vice-présidente Région Champagne Ardenne, membre du bureau responsable de la Commission Europe, patricia.andriot@gmail.com