The Institute for Research and Development NOVETAT was born on the 17th of September 2012. It aims to carry out research and development based on the needs of social and solidarity economy enterprises in the Midi-Pyrenées Region in France ? Social and Solidarity economy is having difficulty in scaling up. It is often overlooked in the research and development programmes in both terms of technological and social innovation.

The Midi-Pyrenées Region has great university potential with a broad scope ; SSE companies would be well-advised to take advantage of this. Higher level education courses in SSE have become widespread at national level as well as in dedicated laboratories. Yet there is little concrete connection between research carried out and SSE actors. The originality of NOVETAT is that it establishes governance whereby the SSE enterprises play a full part and link their needs to the needs of the university lecturers and researchers as well as students. It is similar in this respect to the Jean Batiste Godin Institute in Pcardy, that was also created by and for actors. NOVETAT is committed to supporting SSE enterprise in 2013. A first action of applied research in the theme of cooperation plans to support over 30 SSE companies in the Economic Territorial Cooperation Pole, SICOVAL*, over a 3-year period. NOVETAT Contact : Bérénice Dondeyne, Direction tel +33(0)6 12 56 89 56 Thomas Podlewski, Responsable Recherche Coopération Innovation Josette Combes, President Denis Coutens, Secretary Founding companies: ADEPES, IES, UREI, PAYSANS DES BARONNIES, SOLIDEES * An Economic Territorial Cooperation Pole is a group of initiatives, companies and SSE networks at local level all linked to socially responsible SMEs, local authorities, research centres and trainign companies that implement a joint on-going strategy of cooperation and pooling of resrouces aimed supporting innovative sustaianble local development economic projets.,,,,