By Ripess Europe

On 9 December 2021, the European Commission adopted an action plan for the social economy, which is recognized as a key driver of economic and social development in Europe. The European Parliament welcomed that action plan in its resolution dated 6 July 2022. Furthermore, the Council of Europe adopted a recommendation on enabling frameworks for the social economy, to support its role in fostering social inclusion and access to the job market.

Ministers for employment and social affairs reached a political agreement on the recommendation on 9th October 2023 named “LEGISLATIVE ACTS AND OTHER INSTRUMENTS  – Council Recommendations on developing social economy framework conditions” issued 9th November 2023 (1).

According to the Council “The recommendation aims to boost the role of the social economy in supporting social inclusion and integration into the labour market of disadvantaged groups, by recommending that member states take measures to:

  • facilitate access to funding, to markets and to public procurement for social economy entities.
  • make best use of state aid rules and develop a favorable taxation environment
  • increase the visibility and recognition of the social economy”.


(1) Council Recommendations on developing social economy framework conditions – November 9th, 2023

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