By Ripess Intercontinental and Ripess Europe

From GSEF 

As a key international meeting for all SSE stakeholders, the Global Social Economy Forum aims to share practices and visions that will help build a more inclusive and egalitarian world through sustainable economic development.
This 6th edition will take place in Dakar – Senegal from May 1 to 6, 2023, with the theme “Transitioning from informal economies to collective and sustainable economies for our territories“. It will bring together elected officials and leaders from around the world, international experts, representatives of development agencies as well as actors involved in the SSE to propose concrete actions for tomorrow.

#DakarGSEF2023 is a first in Africa, co-organized by the City of Dakar, the RACTES (Network of Actors and Territorial Collectivities for the Social and Solidarity Economy of Senegal), the GSEF (Global Forum for Social and Solidarity Economy), in partnership with the Ministry of Microfinance and the Social and Solidarity Economy of Senegal.

During one week, several thousands of people from all continents will mobilize around an ambitious program of three days of exchanges and political dialogue preceded by two pre-forums.

#DakarGSEF2023 will end with the adoption of a final political declaration and a roadmap.


Find below the list of RIPESS activities


  • Social and Solidarity Economy, an alternative development model for access to decent work and social protection, 27 april. 9h- 17h30. / 28 april. 08h30-12h15 – WSM/Inspir , Ripess LAC, RAESS , Ripess IC  Where? CNTS (NATIONAL CONFEDERATION OF WORKERS OF SENEGAL)
  • Social and Solidarity Economy, an alternative development model for access to decent work and social protection, 29 April. 08h00 – 14h30 – WSM, Inspir, Ripess LAC, RAESS, Ripess IC – Where? Pout – Thies Region
  • RIPESS EUROPE /RAESS/RIPESS LAC/RIPESS IC/Alliances : Activities and challenges for 2023-2024/ Political advocacy/Resolution, 30 April 09h00-17h00 – Where? Hotel Oceanic


YOUTH PREFORUM : Collective and sustainable entrepreneurship for the territories : responses to the inclusion of young people here and elsewhere

  • SSE caravan of young entrepreneurs from Africa, Young people and women lead innovative initiatives. Collectively promote the SSE in partnership with local authorities in the territories, 1 to 6 May – Where? Place du Souvenir Africain
  • The SSE at the center of public policies for the promotion of youth and employment, research and development of strategic partnerships in youth entrepreneurship. Support for young people to participate in decision-making and representation bodies, (date to be confirmed) – Where? Place du Souvenir Africain
  • Young people for a just economic transition, RIPESS EUROPE, RAESS – 2 May 14.00


WOMEN PREFORUM : Social and economic empowerment of women and territorialization of sustainable public policies, Grand Théâtre National 

  • SSE as an holistic response from women in Africa to eradicate pauverty and unemployment, RAESS – Gender & Social Development Poles and women’s social action circles in SSE – 3 May 16h15-19h00
  • 6th RAESS Meeting – 3 May 09h00-16h30
  • Feminist Economy: The sustainability of putting life at the center, RIPESS EUROPE – 3 May, 16h00


MAIN FORUM : SSE & Territories, Transitioning from “Informal economies” to collective and sustainable economies for our territories, Musée des Civilisations Noires / Grand Théâtre National 

  • Solidarity & sustainable digital economy and smart territories, DUNIA – 5 May, 14.30 /16h
  • How to implement SSE public policies – Transformative Cities and the Municipalist approach, RIPESS EUROPE / RTES / MES OCCITANIE – 4-6 May (to be confirmed)
  • DEVISUS, Development of an Ecosystem for Valuing Social Impact and Social Utility, MES FRANCE – 4-6 May (to be confirmed)
  • How to implement SSE public policies, RIPESS EUROPE – 4-6 May (to be confirmed)
  • (( Smartketplace, and other cooperative decentralised digital platforms for SSE, RIPESS EUROPE / APRES GE – 4-6 May (to be confirmed) ))
  • The development of the social and solidarity economy, a tool and a strategy to ensure universal social protection, RIPESS, WSM, INSP!R , ILO – 4-6 May (to be confirmed)