Athens, 9 – 10 May 2015: The first nationwide meeting of the grassroots solidarity structures in Greece met with great success and large participation. More than 150 solidarity structures and many more activists and people interested in the solidarity movement, assemblied to workshops, debates and discussions for two days in the friendly environs of the Agricultural University of Athens.

Without middlemen distribution networks, food solidarity structures, solidarity clinics and pharmacies, educational solidarity groups, initiatives against house foreclosures, cooperatives  and other social and alternative economy collectives, from all over the country – from more than 30 municipalities and dozens neighboroughood of Athens and Pireaus – shared their common experiences and chalenges, seeking to shape their common future.

The debates were extremely productive in essentially deepening the positions of the movement, and also were very fruitful in new ideas about the inforcement of the solidarity movement. Among the axes of the deliberation were: the role and the dynamics of the movement in the new political conditions, new modes of organisation and the development of new constituent tools for the movement. The results of all the workshops and assemblies, as well as contributions to them, will be published in the coming days.

The workshops in the nationwide meeting have decided a next round of convergences, regional or field meetings and actions, as the next steps in networking, organising and spreading more the solidarity movement.

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