The 1st International Congress of Social and solidarity economy will be held on 27, 28 and 29 November in Zaragoza. The event, organized by REAS – the Spanish network of alternative economy and solidarity – is a space to meet, share ideas about the challenges facing social and solidarity economy at present, while continue to strengthen our networks and, also, to create new links that serve to extend our collective purpose of social transformation.

Under the slogan the economy meets people, the event aims to add value to the knowledge generated from everyday practices and create new bridges to collectively build that another economy is possible: one that puts the life of people and the planet at its center. The meeting, which has the support of the City of Zaragoza, is also a space for dialogue with the Government.

Various workshops, conferences and round tables will address, among others, the following topics:
– Dialogues between the ESS, the public administrations and other social organizations
– Citizen consumer innovation
– Opportunities and challenges of ethical finance
– Generation and transfer of knowledge in SSE: contributions from feminism and ecology
– Creation and sustainability of economic solidarity
– Social and solidarity economy in rural areas.

Two plenary forums will bring to all attending cross-cutting themes of general interest. On the other hand, the entities that participate will have the chance to formally meet with other people and organizations, to encourage the inter-cooperation, into a space especially designed for this purpose. In addition, the Congress will have a space MeCambio for displaying goods and alternative services to a public increasingly interested in adopting ethical and healthy habits.

More info on the official website.