Article by Martin Georges, Ess’plicite

We would like to inform you of the launch of ACC’ESS, the first student cooperative in New Aquitaine!

Created in 2021, ACC’ESS is a Société Coopérative d’Intérêt Collectif (SCIC), which operates as a consultancy firm offering the skills of students from the Master’s degree in Social and Solidarity Economy and Social Innovation (ESSIS) at Sciences Po Bordeaux.

The SCIC is a professionalization and educational tool for students:

  • By applying the Master’s courses to concrete missions for local actors,
  • By opening up the students to the professional world,
  • By the management of a commercial structure in the form of a cooperative,
  • By sharing the value created within common projects.

It is positioned on several activities:

  • Consulting support – Research and analysis: social business plan, survey, feasibility study, etc.
  • Operational support: information and legal monitoring, briefing notes, translation, grant applications, etc.
  • Advocacy and communication: production of content, articles and newsletters, press releases…