Transiscope is a new initiative, which aims to highlight all the alternatives for the transition by displaying them on a single map, collecting existing data.



Inform about existing organisations and citizens’ initiatives in a simple, clear and attractive way through intuitive classification, a harmonised format for presenting initiatives and different digital tools available;

  • Encourage participation and citizen action by creating a contact directory of alternatives;
  • Accelerate networking and synergies between initiatives: making alternatives visible to each other is a key factor in cooperation;
  • Visualize the territories or issues that require the development of concrete alternatives;
  • Develop and equip our commons: the software developed for the project is free, therefore reusable and can be improved for other projects.

Read more here (in French).

This platform links the work of transition organisations and actors in France and is supported by a collective of 10 associations, including RIPESS and MES.