Article from MES , France


Action research: Social and solidarity innovations at the service of territorial development towards ecological and citizen transition

Since 2020, the Mouvement pour l’Economie Solidaire (MES France) has been conducting a research action in partnership with the Collège d’études mondiales (Fondation de la Maison des Sciences de l’Homme) which pursues the following objectives:
• Capitalization, valorization and dissemination of knowledge and methods developed by MES territorial and thematic structures on the field of territorial cooperation, social innovation, ecological transition and economic citizenship.
• Building a learning community of coaches and facilitators within the network;
• The dissemination of results to other local authorities, networks of actors and companies involved in development through territorial animation and cooperation.


The Movement for the Solidarity Economy has embarked on this action research to re-activate its community by sharing its fundamentals around 2 axes:

  • Observe and capitalize on knowledge and practices around key identity and founding notions for the solidarity economy and today widely disseminated in the world of SSE and the classical economy: social innovation, cooperation between stakeholders, support, economic citizenship, ecological and solidarity transition, endogenous development…
  • Consolidate and experiment with our practices of animation and territorial cooperation: linking solidarity initiatives for a world that is more respectful of everyone and the planet.

Read more about the methodology and operational agenda for Phase 1 (in French): here.