Article from RIES, Italy

November 11, 2022: Solidarity Economy National Day

On 11 November in Florence – during the 4-day event marking the 20th anniversary of the first European Social Forum (2002-2022) – RIES organised a day dedicated to the Challenges of Transformative Economies to build solidarity-based communities. The meeting was addressed to all the realities that are promoting forms of ‘off-market’ and other market economies, solidarity finance, communities of practice and care, common goods and social justice. And it was also an open assembly, to start again from the fundamentals, from the shared values that lead us to a common vision of the future in dramatic times such as those we experience today, amidst the threat of nuclear war, the dramatic increase in poverty and inequality, the daily environmental and social emergencies of the eco-climatic crisis, and the reduction of democratic spaces.


  • International Session: Where is Europe and the Mediterranean going? For an economy of peace (with guests from Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria – in collaboration with COSPE)
  • National session: The challenges of transformative economies to build solidarity-based communities.
    – What relationship with local authorities?
    – Regenerating the Earth, supply chains and food policies;
    – Work, finance and solidarity enterprises;
    – Circular economies and solidarity-based renewable energy communities.