By Monika Onyszkiewicz, FairTrade Poland

From 12 to 14 November 2021, FER Poland in partnership with TVE from Hungary, AMPI from Czech Republic and the international network URGENCI.are organizing the Central East European  meeting for food communities. The inspiration came from the European CSA meeting held every second year since 2012.

We want to initiate the CEE food citizen to be organized periodically every two years and enable active people to exchange experiences, plan joint activities or also learn from each other.

The first CEE meeting will be held in Lower Silesia, in EkoCentrum Wrocław, and also two days in the Birds Valley – a Creative meeting house (Ptasia Dolina – Dom Spotkań Twórczych), 60-kilometers from Wrocław

This event is inserted in a frame of supporting agroecology, food sovereignty as well as a part of the transition toward a resilient society and community.

More information : Central East EuropeanMeeting_INVITATION