REAS – red de redes de ECONOMIA ALTERNATIVA Y SOLIDARIA (network of networks of ALTERNATIVE AND SOLIDARITY ECONOMY) – is 25 years old and we want to share it and celebrate it with everyone, especially with all those entities and people who are part of this network, those who with their activity and practices make it possible and give us meaning.

Therefore, a year of celebrations begins where we want to share the many and rich moments that have brought us here; the debates and meetings, the proposals and actions, the successes and errors…, everything that, in short, makes up our trajectory. Looking at ourselves from the inside in order to re-acquaint ourselves with each other and continue to get to know each other, an indispensable step in order to continue building a common story. And celebrate. Because we have achieved so much in this quarter of a century, and this deserves a celebration in style!

As a first small action, we wanted to provide ourselves with a new logo to frame what is to come. Through a collective vote we have chosen the new logo that we present here, thanks to those who have made it possible!

Under this icon, we will include a series of meetings and actions that we are preparing for this anniversary that we hope to present soon. This is, of course, an open and participatory process, so we invite networks, organizations and individuals to propose their activities and collectively shape this program of celebration.

We therefore remain in tune with the fact that, in these 25 years of our journey, there are seeds of all the people who are part of REAS and we therefore want to celebrate it with all of them …



Article from REAS, January 2020