Article by Caroline FERRAFIAT, Via Brachy, Toulouse, France

Via Brachy is a popular education association based in Toulouse, France. Through learning trips, training actions, workshops or public events, it encourages intercultural dialogue and cooperation between various actors, facilitates the involvement of people in socially useful projects and supports the emergence of ecological and solidarity projects in France, Europe and Senegal.

Since 2013, the association has been interested in “heterotopias”. As opposed to utopia, a dreamed place with no anchorage in the real world, it seeks to uncover the “concrete utopias” that are the fabric of our territories, these “other spaces” that demonstrate that another society is possible. The annual Journey to Heterotopia highlights these atypical projects in which (almost) ordinary men and women bear witness to our collective capacity to act in favour of a society that is more just, supportive and respectful of ecosystems.