The role of networks in promoting SSE in a post-Covid-19 context


RIPESS, in cooperation with the Catalan Agency for Development Cooperation (ACCD), is organising an international webinar on Tuesday 17 November at 3pm (GMT+1) to discuss with RIPESS networks (national, sub-regional and international) the role of networks, from the local to the global, in the promotion of the Social and Solidarity Economy (SSE) in a post-Covid-19 context.

In this context of unprecedented crises throughout the world, the pandemic has revealed serious and structural weaknesses in the economy, and has deepened existing inequalities, while highlighting the need for resistance, innovation and cooperation. Therefore, this intercontinental webinar aims to highlight the important role that the SSE and its networks are playing in addressing and mitigating the short- and long-term impacts of the Covid-19 crisis, and to emphasise the importance of networks in promoting the SSE as a strategy to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).

At the same time, it is an opportunity to launch and publicise the new collaboration between the ACCD and RIPESS, in order to strengthen the impact from the local to the global level for the promotion of the SSE as a strategy to achieve the SDG in the current context.

In the hour and 15 minutes the speakers will respond and share their experience and knowledge. The webinar will be divided in two parts. The first part will deal with the importance of linking local SSE / transformative economy initiatives in order to face current challenges, achieve more influence and be more efficient in achieving the SDG at the level of their territories. Additionally, the speakers will discuss the role of SSE networks in advocacy and co-construction of public policies (at national, sub-regional and international level) to respond to the challenges of Covid-19 and beyond, and will share and discuss concrete examples of co-construction. The second part will address the reinforcement actions needed at the level of networks and SSE actors to strengthen their advocacy capacities.

To participate in the webinar you can register, before Monday 16th, here.


Interpretation will be available in English, French and Spanish.