Article by Flavie Hantzen, Mes Occitanie

Paniers suspendus

On Saturday 28 May, the MES Occitanie experimented with its project “Les Marchés Suspendus” at the Monplaisir market at the Jardin Monplaisir in Toulouse. The project aims to enable quality local supply for Toulouse food solidarity associations. How? By making available baskets that customers fill by buying from the producers of the market.

On the program: meetings, exchanges, awareness around food insecurity and more than 20 kilos of vegetables collected!
This solidarity collection was donated at the end of the market to the association “Ressources Solidaires”. In a few words, the association fights against poverty and for social inclusion by defending and facilitating access to housing, education, health, food, professional activity and culture.

Nourritures terrestre (Terrestrial foods)

The MES Occitanie is the winner of a call for projects led by the Daniel and Nina Carasso Foundation, on the theme of food democracy with their project “Nourritures Terrestres”.

Nourritures terrestres

Are we able to engage in a solidarity and popular economy in our territories? To change the way we look at unemployed people? To leave room for precarious people? Do we know how to initiate a process of governance of the Commons for a food democracy and a dignified access to quality food?

Federating nearly 35 solidarity relay places, the MES Occitanie wishes to act in favor of a citizen economy, open to the world and committed to the transition in the territories.

The MES Occitanie wants to document 50 solidarity food initiatives in order to create a common reference around the processes of participation of citizens, especially precarious people. The objective is to disseminate good practices, and to formulate elements of advocacy in favor of food democracy with/to networks of local authorities, SSE networks, agricultural and food networks, and teaching-research at local, national and European level (RIPESS).